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CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd is Asiasoft’s operations subsidiary in Malaysia. It is responsible for publishing and localization of both regional and local titles, distribution of @Cash Malaysia, organizing and executing on-ground events and securing partnerships to reach a wider market.

CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd was established in 2003 and is the leading game publisher in Malaysia. It has been operating for over 13 years and published more than 40 games. Through out the years, it has been amassing a gamer base of million, publishing, operating and marketing internet-based services and technologies, selling virtual Game Points as well as operating CiBmall; an online portal that offers content in both English & Chinese.

The company’s businesses comprise PC online games, mobile games, games distribution and channeling. Its distribution channels cover over 15,400 points of sales within Malaysia & Singapore.

Since its beginning, A breakthrough in games publishing was achieved in the early years by the company, namely Risk Your Life “RYL” in Malaysia. RYL was a major hit and became Top 10 downloads at When RYL1 and RYL2 were launched, it reached more than half a million downloads at CNET

As a pioneer in bringing PC Online Games to Malaysians, starting with MMORPG genres and subsequently publishing different genres of games in line with market demands, the company continues to operate with partners worldwide to bring exciting game titles to not only Malaysia but Southeast Asia Region too.

With a solid base of gamers’ community, CiB then ventured into E-Sports with 2 strong game titles which were Super Dancer Online-Xtreme “SDO-X” in 2007 and Mission Against Terror “MAT” in 2009. Both titles allowed local Malaysians to compete at international level and they emerged as champion teams for 2 consecutive years. Since then, CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd is recognized as one of the leading E-Sports games publishers in Malaysia.

In 2012, CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd and Asiasoft Group joined forces and became the strongest online game operator within Southeast Asia. While CIB is the leading online game operator in both Malaysia and Singapore, Asiasoft Group is has strong market presence in the Southeast Asia region.

CIB has also expanded its services to gamers with mobile games publishing. The Southeast Asia region with a combined total of more than 300 million smartphones present a fast growing market for the consumption of mobile games content.

The company offers channeling options to publish the potential titles in Southeast Asia. Services such as marketing, community engagement, payment channel, customer support, hosting and streaming as part of the channeling options are provided.

By working with CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd, it ensures that local titles get the best coverage & reach in the Southeast Asia region with its strong gamer base. CIB Net Station Sdn Bhd is committed to work with partners to ensure success in publishing, marketing and operating game titles.

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