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[System] SDO-X Emergency Maintenance (17-08-2017)

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 17 - 2017

Dear SDO-X Dancer, SDO-X Team Management having an emergency maintenance on SDO-X Wonderland Server to solve Special Pack cannot save into Cupboard issue. Players will not be able to login into the game during the maintenance. Estimate Time: 30 minutes We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will try to continue game service as soon  [ Read More ]

[Event]BABY Rewards: Kintoun in Alchemist World!

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 17 - 2017

To encourage you find MANSION Partner & adopt BABY together, SDO-X Team Management decided to rewards SDO-X Dancers that adopt BABY in Alchemist World. Adorable BABY wish to rewards you 14 days Kintoun(W) because you have adopt them as your BABY. Event Details: Event’s Date START: 17 August 2017 Event’s Date END: 7 September 2017,  [ Read More ]

[Promotion] Alchemist World Special Pack SECOND Batch

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 17 - 2017

We heard it! You need NEW special pack after Alchemist World been updated 1 month in SDO-X. Here you go, the NEW special pack, we believe you want to have PERMANENT WINGS & Ring too. Alchemist World Special Pack SECOND Batch LINK: 1. Watery Eyes[14 Days] Start Date: 17 August 2017 End Date: 14  [ Read More ]

[Promotion]Item Shop Upgrade

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 17 - 2017

Alchemist World have been update for 1 month of time, is time to upgrade our SDO-X Item Shop with NEW items. Promotion Details: Start Date: 17 August 2017 (After maintenance) Server: Wonderland

[SDO-X Pack] CiBMall Shop: SDO-X Pack will be remove

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 14 - 2017

To be informed that, all the SDO-X Pack that selling at CiBMall Shop will be remove. Details for remove SDO-X Pack is at below: Date to remove: 17 August 2017 Pack will be remove: 1. Super Dance Online Extreme Wedding Pack: 3900MPoint 2. Super Dance Online Extreme Special Wings Pack: 6500MPoint & 10000MPoint 3. Super  [ Read More ]

[Update] Alchemist World Third FIX BUGS Patch

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 11 - 2017

SDO-X Team Management received some players report about they find out their SDO-X doesn’t fix the bugs after Auto Patch have been apply. To avoid players facing bugs report issue, SDO-X Team Management already prepare another FIX BUGS Patch to every SDO-X Dancer. No matter your SDO-X current version is been fix the old bugs  [ Read More ]

[System] SDO-X Weekly Maintenance (10-8-2017)

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 10 - 2017

Dear SDO-X Players, SDO-X Season 3 servers Wonderland Server will undergo weekly maintenance to refresh the server on 10 August 2017 (Thursday) from 12PM to 3PM. Weekly Maintenance: – update FIX BUGS AUTO PATCH/ MANUAL PATCH & LATEST ALCHEMIST WORLD FULL CLIENT Bugs been fixed: 1. End Result come out 2x EXP surface to block result  [ Read More ]

[Update] Alchemist World Second FIX BUGS Patch

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 10 - 2017

SDO-X Team Management come out prepare second FIX BUGS Manual Patch to let you download, at the same time, SDO-X Team Management have enable Auto Patch too. [Existing User]MANUAL PATCH Terms: Must have Alchemist World 170727 version Season 3: Alchemist World (10 August 2017) Size: 4.6MB Here is the download LINK: Bugs been fixed:  [ Read More ]

[Event] Gain TRIPLE(3x) Popularity Point Bonus END

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 03 - 2017

Dear SDO-X Players, SDO-X: Alchemist World update got bring you fun? Gain TRIPLE Popularity Point Bonus event is end but SDO-X Team Management will plan to giveaway more so that you can enjoy the fun in SDO-X. Thank you for joining this event & we do hope you happy with this event. Below is the  [ Read More ]

[Tutorial] How to use DiGi Prepaid Card to Reload

Posted by Product Posted on Aug - 03 - 2017

Dear SDO-X Dancers, Introducing our new payment option, the Digi Prepaid Card reload! Top-ups via DiGi Prepaid Card are available from today onwards. Start refilling your game points with DiGi today! Here are the guides on how to reload by using DiGi Prepaid Card: 1. Go to: & choose Digi Direct Billing: 2. Click  [ Read More ]

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