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CiB – where Crazy Ideas Begin!

CiB Net Station Sdn Bhd (“CiB”) was established in 2003. Back then, there were relatively very few compelling online game contents offered by local game publishers. It was common at that time for local online game players to log on and sign up to overseas game servers and join the foreign network communities in the borderless world.

We envisaged that there was huge potential in the Malaysian market if localised game contents are offered to suit the local market preference and taste. The whole idea was to offer interesting interactive online games that are appealing to local players with localised contents that they are familiar with and accustomed to. In addition, having the game servers located in Malaysia will improve online accessibility and playing experience tremendously for local players. Our Managing Director, Alan Ku, founded the Company with this mission in mind.

The idea sounded great but friends and family alike were not impressed and it was seen as a crazy one. This is not surprising given the fact that Malaysia had just survived a dotcom bubble burst back then. Business ideas that are related to the Internet, online or dotcom can hardly be appreciated nor perceived positively. In addition, the relatively low Internet penetration and inadequate bandwidth infrastructure are the affecting factors.

Unfazed by the discouragement, CiB’s persistent efforts in localising online game contents for the local market pay off. In 2003, the company was the first in Malaysia to offer a localised full 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”) namely “Risk Your Life”; the game was well received; and the rest is history.

Today, CiB has various game genres in its interactive online game portfolio, ranging from First-Person Shooting games, Casual Dancing games and Cute Cartoon- based games, to Martial Art and Novel-based MMORPG. We have a large number of registered players who log on to our various interesting interactive online entertainment contents daily; many have become members of our online community networks interacting with each other in the borderless virtual world enabled by the Internet.

Our ability to continually offer high playability and interactivity, as well as the entertaining nature of our games have resulted in a sustained growth in both the number of active and paying gamers, as well as average spend per gamer.

It all began with an idea, a crazy one, some people said, once upon a time.

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