[Announcement] Purchase @Cash Malaysia via i7391

Posted by Product Posted on Jun - 07 - 2018


Dear Dancer,

Attention to all the SDO-X Dancer in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and China! Now you can purchase @cash Malaysia from i7391輕鬆交易網!

Link to purchase @cash Malaysia from i7391: https://bit.ly/2JeVQnr

Don’t wait now!
There’s a lot of great deals are waiting for you!


好消息哦!港、澳、台以及大陸的【超级舞者】玩家現在已經可以從i7391輕鬆交易網 上輕鬆購買 @cash Malaysia 點數卡。

i7391線上購買 @Cash Malaysia 點卡數鏈接: https://bit.ly/2JeVQnr


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