[Event]Stay Online Challenge

Posted by Product Posted on Mar - 15 - 2017

Introducing brand new SDO-X Exclusive event page!
In this SDO-X Event Station, you can join any SDO-X Official Event to redeem more prizes by achieve mission.
Our first Achievement event will be Stay Online Challenge!
All you need to do is just ONLINE & stay in SDO-X!

Event’s Date START: 15 March 2017 Time: NOW
Event’s Date END: 26 March 2017 Time: 23:59

LINK: https://secure2.cib.com.my/xdo/


Rules and Regulations:
1. Players have to follow the rules and regulations stated.
2. SDO-X Team Management will not be responsible for the prizes once they are issued.
3. If there are any technical problems during the event, SDO-X Team Management will not take any responsibility or compensation.
4. SDO-X Team Management have the right to cancel or change the rewards without prior notice, will not take responsibilities nor give out compensation.
5. SDO-X Team Management retain the ultimate right to change and to follow the actual situation of deletions, amendments or changes to activities approach.
6. Any participant who does not follow the rules and regulations will be disqualified and will not be able to receive the reward.

1. Press [Login]:

2. Type the Xdo Account(Game Username) & Password, then press [Login]:

3. Press [SDO-X Town], then [Redeem], & go to [Achievement]:

4. You can check your ONLINE status & redeem prize(s) here when you already achieve.
*You can ONLY see the progress AFTER LOGOUT from SDO-X

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