[Update] SDOIC 2016 Secret Songs Update

Posted by Product Posted on Jan - 11 - 2017


We know that everyone is waiting for our SDOIC 2016 Secret Songs Update after SDOIC 2016 was just ended at December 2016.

Below is the details about our SDOIC 2016 Secret Songs Update:
Date: 18 January 2017
Time: 2pm onwards
Song List:

This time, SDO-X Team Management have prepare latest SDO-X Installer that include SDOIC 2016 Secret Songs inside, you can download Full Client earlier here:
LINK: http://sdox.cibmall.net/index.php/download/

SDO-X Team Management will open Auto Patch too & Auto Patch will run the download at 18 January 2017.

*Reminder for Auto Patch user: Kindly Change UAC Setting before running Auto Patch in SDO-X

*SDO-X Player that facing cannot load SDO-X after pressing START, kindly change your DNS to Google DNS:
Google DNS:
Tutorial: Change DNS Tutorial

If you facing any problem in SDO-X, kindly click here: SDO-X Support

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