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CiB Net Station adds new online games
PETALING JAYA: Local online game distributor, CiB Net Station has announced it will be adding three new games to its roster: Loong Online, Mission Against Terror (MAT) and Return of Warrior (RoW).

Loong Online is the latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from China that transports gamers back to ancient China to play as a warrior fighting for a guild or on their own.

The game will feature a proprietary 3D engine called Dazzler that’s said to create stunningly beautiful scenery and great-looking characters.

Much of the game incorporates Chinese mythology into the game’s central figures, characters and main story arch. Elements of Chinese martial arts and mythical creatures can also be found in the game.

The game’s martial arts-focused combat system allows players to freely choose character classes at any time so they can easily experiment with the classes without needing to create a brand new character. Loong Online will also feature mounts based on Chinese mythical animals that players can tame and use to roam around the world.

Fighting Mummies
The other game CiB Net Station is localising for the Malaysian market — MAT — is a horror themed first-person shooter that has players fight against Mummies in dark enclosed environments.

All players have to do is go online, create a character and either play solo or as in team with other players to survive against unspeakable horrors on the battlefield.

Players can improve their characters over time, gain skill points, purchase weapons to improve their chances of survival.

The game has several modes of play that includes Mummy Mode, which a survival mode where several players must fight against a single Mummy that will infect other players until only one is left standing.

Aside from that, the game also has other competitive modes of play that include team deathmatch and Plant the Bomb missions.

A warrior returns
Meanwhile RoW is an online RPG where players can take on the role of either a human or the ferocious beast-like Ak’kan.

You can choose from variety of classes like assassin, sorcerer and warrior to do battle against monsters and other human players in Player Vs Player matches.

Apart from that, you can also form a party to take on quests, fight monsters or even take part in Human vs Ak’kan duels. There are also opportunities to form and join guilds and indulge in activities such as constructing fortresses or waging war against other guilds.

CiB Net Station said the games are free to download and play. To progress further, players can purchase in-game costumes and items using CP points.

The points can be purchased either by MOL Point Card or CIB cards sold at 7-Eleven stores or participating cybercafes. Both RoW and MAT are available for download through CiB Net Station’s game portal at

Players interested in getting their hands on Loong Online can call CiB Net Station at (03) 8023-8315 to request a copy of the game client on CD.

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March 5, 2010 [Friday]


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